My life changed since coming to WORT+GEIST (“WORD+SPIRIT”)

I have never felt so much love in my whole life since I was born, I am not kidding! This is for real!

I was accepted the first day I stepped my foot into this wonderful family. Nobody cares about what you are, where you are from, what color of skin or gender you have, how old you are or whatsoever. You are welcomed and accepted for who you are.

The founder Helmut Bauer is the loveliest, most humble, friendliest, peaceful and down to earth being that exists in the whole, wild world. He is full of love and there is nothing bad in him - it is amazing! This is the first person I have come across since I was born that is capable of loving every soul that comes his way. He is a spiritual being which is why he is capable of loving unconditionally and irrespectively of who you are and such he is breaking down all boundaries. I thank God for giving him so much blessing, power, love and the ability to set a living example for Christianity.

I was born into a catholic family, and at the age of 17 I was already in search for a deeper connection to God. This led me into a Pentecostal church where I was born again. Ever since, I have moved from one church domination to another searching for a true and real church where I could worship God in truth and in spirit, without all the lust for money and the worldly lust you see in most of the new age churches with their prosperity gospel. Through the mercy of God I found my way to WORT+GEIST in 2011 where from day one onward I knew that I have truly and finally arrived and my search for God has come to an end.

In this family, I´m constantly fed with the divine Word and the Holy Spirit as the name of the church speaks for itself. I´m constantly built up and told the truth about your true nature – a Christ with no limitations or walls. Yes, as a son of God there is nothing you cannot do or be. We were born out of love and are hence capable of loving unconditionally just the way God loved us. And Jesus Christ gave us that same commandment before going to the cross that we should love each other in the same way.

Thank you and God bless you as you reading these lines,
Paul Osighala (Switzerland)